Rug Cleaning Process in London

Harmful chemicals used to clean your carpet may damage the delicate silk and wool fibers of your rugs and carpet. Not yet to mention the pressure applied by brushing them to remove stains that stayed long on the rugs. Inappropriate carpet cleaning process may lead to permanent damage to your precious carpet

Most common problems encountered by carpets are visible stains, pet urine, and unwanted odors. When trying to remove these problems, it is difficult to preserve the color and value of your fine rugs at the same time. Therefore, you need an expert cleaner who knows the appropriate rug cleaning method that best matches the texture and fabric type of your carpet.

Full immersion cleaning is the primary recommendation needed by your rugs to safely and gently remove the stains and dirt on it. An expert rug cleaner uses appropriate tools to avoid premature wear of your precious rugs. Aside from it, the cleaning solution is also guaranteed safe to use to leave your rug in a proper condition after it undergoes step by step rug cleaning process.
rug cleaning processes in London

Before the immersion is done, the rug should undergo a thorough test to check if a dye bleeding may occur. This also helps the professional cleaner determine the steps he can or can’t do with your rug. He also inspects if there are crystals produced from pet urine contamination. This might lead to unwanted odor if not removed properly and will even penetrate the rug’s deepest surface.
The appropriate cleaning solution is also determined based on the type of fabric of your rug. Your rug may look clean on its outside appearance but there are invisible elements hidden on its thick areas. Some rugs might also shrink when dried. The cleaner can determine the proper method to dry the rug to prevent shrinkage.

After the thorough inspection, the dusting process comes next. This process removes the dry soil before the rug gets wet. Basically, the dry soil turns to mud when it becomes wet so this should be avoided. The cleaner ensures that dust is removed from front and back of the rug. During the dusting process, only a safe tool is used so it will not damage your delicate rug.

If the rug is contaminated with a pet urine, it requires proper sanitation or deodorizing method so it will not spread all over the rug when it gets wet. During the full immersion rug cleaning, the cleaner only uses recommendable cleaning solution based on the inspection conducted earlier.

Lastly, the drying process allows the rug to dry quickly and completely. Slow drying may damage its fabric so it also needs to be avoided. A drying system is used to dry the carpet quickly without applying too much pressure on it that also causes damage.

At the same time, the rug is kept straight and silky for an efficient result. Doing all these appropriate methods helps extend the life of your rugs and carpets. Their colors and natural texture are also preserved to add value to the money you invested for those rugs and carpets.

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