Dental office in Budapest

Welcome to Rodental Dental office

My name is Dr. Péter Rosta, I am a dentist. I opened my first dental office with three chairs on 1st February 2010 in the centre of Budapest. It is a great pleasure and honour for me that my ascendants used to work here in the same building back in the 1940s. The love and the responsibility of medical treatment have been a constant source of inspiration for me since my childhood. I am convinced that medical treatment and cure can only be effective if the doctor sees and helps the whole personality.

That is why I laid special emphasis on the familiar atmosphere in my dental office, where the patients receive not only a high quality dental treatment but also human support. Together with my dentist colleagues we do everything we can to have our patients enter our office with a smile and return home pleased and happy after the treatment. I sincerely believe in the curing power of a bright smile.

„Please smile! Well not constantly, from morning till evening, but let the smile be lurking in us – prepared for all ‒ to brighten any time. Because I believe smile always brings a little light into our lives and into the lives of others as well. Just a little light, but as we know little drops make an ocean.”
(Éva Janikovszky, Hungarian writer)

As a periodontist and clinical dentist I provide the latest dental technology, treatment and materials for my patients. Together with my dentist and dental surgeon colleagues we can help in the following cases:
  • treating periodontal problems
  • dental hygiene
  • aesthetic dentistry
  • dental implants
  • teeth whitening
  • paradontology
  • giving advice
The first consultation, survey, check-up is free of charge. To save time the patients have to make an appointment in advance for the treatment in our dental office. My colleagues and I are looking forward to meeting you.

Dr. Rosta Péter

periodontist, dental surgeon, clinical dentist